Why Concrete Grease Interceptors Are Bad For Business

Learn why Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors are the right choice for all commercial kitchens.

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Concrete grease interceptors are a costly and ineffective way to manage grease for any business. They are outdated technology, and it's time to update our grease management practices. Specifying hydromechanical grease interceptors will help your clients!


Attend our 20-minute webinar to learn:


  • The problems with concrete
  • The benefits of hydromechanical grease interceptors
  • How regulations are changing
  • What is Trapzilla?

Choosing hydromechanical grease interceptors can have an immediate impact on your client's businesses and yours.


Don't waste time struggling to understand the right thing to chose for your next commercial kitchen project. Register for the webinar to be confident in helping your clients achieve their goals without breaking the bank. Concrete is costly. Hydromechanical grease interceptors are the interceptor of now.